What Are the Risks of Not Wearing Glasses During Laser Hair Removal?

Patients who undergo laser hair reduction on the tissues around the eye should always wear protective goggles to shield their eyes from potential damage caused by the laser. However, not all glasses are created equal and standard safety glasses or sunglasses may not provide adequate protection against the specific light wavelengths used in laser hair removal. It is therefore essential to wear glasses designed specifically for this purpose. IPL laser safety glasses are designed to limit visible light and reduce the brightness of the light emitted by the IPL laser.

They do not have a specific protection range, but they are still necessary for laser hair removal treatments. By removing hair through waxing, epilators, or tearing off, the hair bulb can be eliminated, which is the primary purpose of laser or IPL to inhibit hair growth. When selecting laser safety glasses for laser hair removal treatments, it is important to choose glasses that are appropriate for the specific type of laser being used. Alexandrite lasers emit light in the wavelength range of 730-855 nm, while diode lasers emit light in the 800-810 nm range.

To ensure safe and successful treatment, it is essential to protect your eyes during laser hair removal. In addition to safety glasses, there are other accessories you should have on hand to be able to enjoy light-based hair removal treatment sessions that are not only safe but also effective. Make sure to shave the night before your treatment session and shave in the same direction your hair grows to prevent ingrown hair. When choosing laser safety glasses for laser hair removal, it's critical to select the correct type for the specific laser being used.

For safety glasses to be effective during laser hair removal, they must also have a visible light transmission rating appropriate to the wavelength of the laser being used. By choosing the right laser safety glasses, you can enjoy all of the benefits of laser hair removal with confidence and peace of mind. Both IPL and laser treatments can give you an uncomfortable feeling of being hit with an elastic band, but with an IPL device, this sensation is lessened due to its mechanism.